Alright there?  
I’m TicketGun

I make selling tickets for small events fast, easy and super smart. It’s free to join, so what are you waiting for?

TicketGun is perfect if you want to ...

  • Sell tickets online for your event
  • Send your customers PDF tickets by email instantly
  • Take secure credit card payments for those tickets
  • Have that money sent to your bank account within seven days
  • Download sales reports and attendee lists
  • Incentivise customers to share your event
  • Pay a tiny 1% commission plus very reasonable card fees
  • Have the option to add those costs to the ticket price
  • Arrange tickets for free events with no charges at all
  • Manage it all on a computer or mobile device in a matter of minutes

What makes TicketGun
a blast?

Faster than a ...

Get setup in minutes.

Pop in your user details, connect to Stripe (our card payments partner) and create an event. No fiddly configuration, and hoop-jump-free.

Reward the share

Free ticket rewards.

Every event you create gives you the option to set a reward for customers who help you get more sales. TicketGun even handles the rewards and the refunds automatically. Sit back and let your guerilla marketing team do the work!

Beautiful Design

Awesome on any device.

The TicketGun experience is a blissfully simple one, both for organisers and ticket buyers. We care about the details — from setup to payment, email to PDF tickets. It's a refreshing experience. Take a look at a sample event page

Sell Globally

Available in 15 Countries.

Set up and sell events in Britain, Europe, North America and Australia. Accept payments in over 100 different currencies.

How much does TicketGun cost?

TicketGun is clear and upfront about our fees. There's no monthly subscription and you can pass both our small 1% fee and any card fees directly onto the customer. Give our handy number cruncher a whirl.

Average Order
Total Revenue
Card Fees (1.4% + 20p per transaction for European cards)
TicketGun Fee (1% of revenue)