East Anglian Storytelling Festival 2021 - Saturday 8th May Tickets!

Sat 08 May, 2021

Stock Street Farm Barn, Coggeshall, Essex, CO6 1NX

8th May 2021 - Nick Hennessey and Sarah Rundle!

Nick Hennessey is an internationally acclaimed storyteller, playwright, folk singer, song writer and musician. He has told stories for more than 20 years, performing at venues such as the Southbank Centre and the Royal Albert Hall. He is particularly drawn to North European cultural traditions.
With a deep appreciation for the key role that stories play in how we learn about and express ourselves and the world, whether in communities, businesses or schools, he works extensively in helping draw out our natural storytelling skills.

The dynamic, irreverent and definitely un-twee Sarah Rundle is a professional storyteller and actor based in West London. She has performed in slots at the Earls Court and Milton Park festivals, supported comedian Milton Jones and worked with the New Wimbledon Theatre.
She weaves complex tales, stories within stories, with unexpected twists. Her repertoire includes folk tales from Britain and Ireland, stories from the Middle East and the Silk Road, along with yarns from Finland and above the Arctic Circle.

It’s the first festival of the summer!

Just when you thought festivals were a thing of the past, the East Anglian Storytelling Festival comes galloping to the rescue.

We’re proud to announce our festival for 2021 from 7th to 9th May 2021 at Stock Street Farm Barn, Coggeshall, Essex

We are delighted to have found this beautiful, intimate venue that will be perfect for anything that 2021 throws at us: whether we can fill this glorious 10th century barn with a joyous crowd like we used to do in years gone by; whether we will have perfectly distanced tables (with fabulous food and drink); or whether we will stream performances to your homes or to open-air audiences - one way or another the stories will get through.

We are thrilled to say that we will be welcoming our headline tellers, Nick Hennessey and Sarah Rundle, who so delighted us at our virtual festival last summer, as well as a host of other great wordsmiths and musicians too.

As ever, we will be offering stories from a tradition as old as we are. Stories to touch our darkest souls, our breathless hopes, our best selves and our moral compass. Stories to take us, young and old alike, out of ourselves into another world, where anything is possible, and anything might happen!

Tickets will be on sale in time for Christmas (though if you still have tickets bought for the 2020 festival we are deeply grateful to you and of course they will still hold good!)

We wish all our supporters a safe and happy Christmas and are looking forward to seeing you in 2021

This event has been organised by The Storytellers of East Anglian Fabulation

Early Bird Saturday Evening 8th May 2021 at £15