House Tours 2019

Sun 03 Mar, 2019 | Tue 12 Mar, 2019 | Sun 07 Apr, 2019 | Fri 12 Apr, 2019 | Sun 21 Apr, 2019 | Sun 19 May, 2019 | Fri 31 May, 2019 | Fri 07 Jun, 2019 | Wed 28 Aug, 2019

Glemham Hall, IP13 0BT

Guided Tours of Glemham Hall are offered by the owner, Major Philip Hope-Cobbold and are held on various dates throughout the year.

You will be guided around the majority of the Hall, from the depths of the cellars, right up to the largely untouched servant quarters in the attics, whilst learning about its vast history and stunning architecture, where elements of the Elizabethan era can still be seen. Philip will provide an engaging talk covering art, historical events, previous occupants and what it was like to grow up on a country estate. He is a wonderful host with a dry sense of humour, which encourages many a tall tale!

"Philip is a wonderfully exuberant host and we all enjoyed a lovely afternoon. The homemade cakes were delicious"

The Gardens feature an avenue of Irish Yew, a stunning Rose Garden, herbaceous borders and a Summerhouse. Wooden benches dotted here and there encourage you to sit back, relax and enjoy these beautiful spaces.

This event has been organised by The Events Team of Glemham Hall

General Admission at £13
includes a small booking fee